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XVIIIth International Colloquium, Stirling 26-29 August 2013

Colloquium Stirling 2013 - Call for papers eng

Call for Papers

The XVIII Colloquium of the Academie Internationale d’Héraldique will take place 26‑29 August 2013 in Stirling, Scotland.

The theme is “Transmission of Arms” which can be interpreted in as broad a manner as wished. It is hoped the theme will be wide enough to allow for papers which discuss the historical manner in which Arms have been passed on from generation to generation, how the Arms of different families have become conjoined, modern ideas on how Arms will descend in the future, as well as wider interpretations such as the artistic interpretation of how the visual image has been transmitted through the centuries.

Papers should be restricted to 30 minutes in length to allow for questions and must be given in English, French or German.

The deadline for proposals is 19 April and should be sent to:

Elizabeth Roads,

Court of the Lord Lyon,

HM New Register House,

Edinburgh, EH1 3YT

It is anticipated that there will be a reception given by Stirling Council, an early evening tour of Stirling as well as the AGM and dinner on 28th August. On 29th August it is proposed that there will be a day trip to include a visit to Stirling Castle and the newly renovated Royal Apartments with rich heraldic displays followed by a short drive to Dunblane to see the magnificent Cathedral which contains a wealth of heraldry. It is proposed that the day should conclude with a drive via Callander to Aberfoyle and the home of the Christopher and Elizabeth Roads in the Queen Elizabeth National Park about 30 minutes from Stirling, where it will be possible for delegates to walk in some Highland scenery and air or just relax before a barbecue supper. At the end of the evening the delegates to Stirling.

The registration form will be circulated in March and it is anticipated that the registration fee for the colloquium will not exceed £150 or €180.

As is usual there will be additional costs for the dinner and day trip.